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    March 26, 2013


    Keith Jenkins

    This administration (and a great many other people, as well) don't care if you want to call yourself a Christian, but woe unto you if you want to BE a Christian and actually live your faith as Scripture commands. To many nominal christians who are walking arm-in-arm with the throng merrily along the broad road, this is not a problem. To many lukewarm professors of Christianity, this is bothersome and they will "have" to make choices they don't really like, but, hey, we're supposed to obey the powers that be and we shouldn't rock the boat. To those who truly know Jesus Christ, have had their sins forgiven and are striving to "follow the Lamb withersoever He goeth," they will not bow the knee to Nebuchadnezzar's golden image, no matter what the cost. They will give up their companies, their livelihoods, their homes, their freedom, their families and their very lives, if need be, to "obey God rather than man." That is where Obama and a great many others are insistent on pushing this country, to rid it of every vestige of Biblical Christianity in public. Hobby Lobby is in the crosshairs right now and, thank God, they are not going down without a fight. They deserve the support and prayers of every true Christian, A great many indifferent people are going to wake up one day soon to discover that this nation will indeed be a "secular democracy" and that the preserving and protecting influence of God's people will be gone. Then the entire nation will begin to look like many areas of Detroit, where Christian civilization has been replaced with anarchy, mobs and barbarism. For the true Believer, while he mourns the loss of his nation for his children and grandchildren, there is no fear over such a future, for it has been the fate of many generations of the noble army of Christ down through history. If there is one thing the Christian can afford to do, it is die, and he would rather die standing for his Lord than live groveling before the likes of Barrack Obama.

    Bell White

    The government needs to get out of our lives. In all appearances, the government, following through on this mandate, is inflicting a CRIME OF HATE against those of the Christian faith and any other faith. This stenches of prejudice, hate, Nazi era control and it goes against our Constitutional rights as humans. No one should be forced to pay for another person's choice to have sex. Health Care Providers and Public Health Clinics should bare the burden of providing birth control/contraceptives. Businesses can not crawl out from under this government created near depression recession with the burden of these extra costs; and neither should they have to go against their moral and Faith convictions. This is not too distant from the young college student in Florida who was recently mandated to stomp on a piece of paper with the name Jesus written on it; and upon refusal, was suspended from his class. The government is bullying Christians and those who rally for the sanctity of LIFE. The government is promoting BULLYING of men, women and children of faith. How can the federal government enforce tolerance...when the federal government is professing intolerance. Do NOT bow down. Stand.

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